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"An honourable, obstinate, truthful, high-spirited, intensely prejudiced, perfectly unreasonable man."


Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell A cute story about a girl so immersed in the world of her favourite book that she can't even deal with the reality that is her university life─story of most of our lives, right? Cather is obsessed with Simon Snow, which is basically a spoof of Harry Potter─even though they make a reference to Harry Potter at some point in the story, I guess it's a parallel─she writes Fan-Fiction and is the critically acclaimed (by the internet) writer of the popular Carry On, Simon Fan-Fiction. But when she enters University she finds that she can't constantly escape reality by delving into the world of Fandoms. Things get even worse when her twin sister Wren (Get it? Cather-Wren?) decides not to room with her, leaving her to fend for herself. But Cather soon learns to adapt to her new environment and observe the species known as humans which surround her on a daily basis with the help of her roommate Reagan.---What I really like about this─despite all the stereotypical fangirl traits that Rowell tries to shove into this novel─is the fact that Cather is genuine and adorable. In the first scene she walks in on who she thinks is her roommate's boyfriend and she's all like "A boy? What is this magnificent creature? Can I observe it?" and later when she's contemplating the thought of actually having a significant other she goes into full panic mode and goes all "A boy? I don't know what to do with a boy... How often do you have to play with it? Do you have to feed it? Do you need to take it out for a ride?" Forget drugs and sex, even kissing is a big deal for this girl. Yes, she's the stereotypical fangirl and Rowell spared no detail in trying to establish that fact, but sometimes you just need to set that aside and enjoy a cutesy story for once. But, even though I like Cather, I did not like any one in this story more than I loved her roommate Reagan. She's witty, and funny and completely straight up. She makes snide comments that just make your day; but most of all, she can put up with your shit even if its completely ridiculous (I mean seriously, Cather has an entire collection of Simon Snow paraphernalia)─exactly the kind of roommate I want in University. I guess this novel doesn't really affect a small demographic, I mean; we all have a bit of a fangirl inside of us, don't we? Imagine this story as the story of your life─and Rainbow Rowell merely added in the collective traits of every single fan-of-something out there and made it into a quirky, adorable character. And that is awesome! P.S. If this isn't what my life in University turns out to be like I will be angry.