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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone - This book is weird. It's really weird. But it's equally as awesome. Karou is a girl in her late teens who lives in Prague (of all places, this book takes place in Prague). So she seems like a rebel. Also she has blue hair and is constantly stalked by her stalker ex-boyfriend. Did I mention she has blue hair? Also she likes to escalate things quickly in her mind. Her best friend Zuzanna (who is constantly left behind because she's simply too human) was flipping through her sketchbook in one scene and the scene went something like this: Zuzanna: Your sketches are so weird but I less than three them so much. Karou: Thank you! (Aside) Little does she know they're all real muahahahaha! I was like. Wait... Backtrack, motherfucker did you just say all your sketches are real? Well that escalated quickly. And then we're introduced to the extremely weird world of the Chimeraes - these half-human half-animal creatures - and it just gets weirder and weirder from there. Apparently these chimeraes need teeth for some odd reason which isn't really explained at the beginning, so you're just sitting there like 'wut...' And so Karou gets these teeth for the Chimeraes - one in particular, named Brimstone - and it isn't exactly explained why. Just that Brimstone and his fellow shopkeepers, Issa and Twiga have been looking after Karou since she was a wee little lass. Also, there's this entire wish process where one can wish for anything they want but to an extent. There are different levels of wish granting thingies (can't remember the name) and they each grant a certain level of wish, and come at a price. The price for granting wishes isn't really explained at the beginning either, but Brimstone is constantly shaming Karou for having wasted wishes on selfish and vain things - which kinda hint that the price is severe and kinda a big no-no. And when you learn the price you're like "WAIT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT IS THE CONNECTION I DON'T SEE IT WHAT I CAN'T EVEN" but then you're like "OH, I GET IT." Also there are these angelic beings called Seraphim and they're constantly at war with the Chimeraes. And Karou gains another stalker (this time a Seraphim) when she goes to retrieve teeth from this grave-robber in Marakkesh because the supply in Brimstone's shop is running short. And then mysteriously everything in Brimstone's shop burns down and this messenger bird named Kishmish shows up at Karou's house all burned up. Akiva (Karou's angelic stalker) shows up in Prague to find Karou, and the entire thing quickly spirals into a love story - but unlike other love stories this has some realshit twists that leave you thinking 'wut.'What I liked about this novel is the extreme weirdness of it at the beginning, but as you progress you become comfortable with it and you learn to even expect the weirdness. I also like the relationship between Karou/Madrigal (Spoiler) and Brimstone, and the way they show it coming to be such a strong father-daughter type relationship. I also like how they kinda jump back and forth with the scenes explaining Madrigal's past towards the end. It's all woven together quite nicely and layered intricately. I highly recommend this book for... anyone, really. I'm really excited to read the sequel. Also, Laini Taylor has pink hair. I respect that. A lot. You go Glen Coco.