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The Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices, Book 1)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare Actual rating: 2.5 How I would love to give this book a higher rating, believe me, but I'm sorry to say that Cassandra Clare did not impress me. This book had so much potential, but I must say: Tessa Grey is a lifeless shell who simply walks around thinking everyone is out to get her, and that she isn't safe anywhere. She is stupid, and not very clever, and she completely lacks common sense. I mean, if you're in a house where you don't feel safe then you don't walk into a godamned vampire club masquerading as one on their behest, no. You get your mother-fucking ass out of that house and call homeland security on them. Will, stunning and gorgeous Will who could be so much more than what he is, is a dick, regardless of his past. When someone tells you about their horrid past, you don't automatically feel pity for them and begin to contemplate having a sexual relationship wit them. And what the hell is it with the vampires vs shadowhunters? And the dream sequences! HOLY SMOKES, WHAT IS UP WITH THEM? It was choppy at best, and that is saying something... perhaps I'm being too pitiful. But if I don't sound too rude, will someone please tell me HOW THIS BOOK IS A BEST-SELLER? HAVE HORNY TEENAGE FEMALES TAKEN OVER THIS PLANET OR SOMETHING? What happened to people going googoo-gaga over novels that have actual logic . Seriously. I think Cassandra Clare has a lot of potential, but I'd much rather see her write a story about ethereal enigmas and mystical wonders, not this "teen heart-throb protecting his love-whom-he-only-wants-a-strictly-sexual-relationship-with from a bunch of motherfucking automatons." It's the Victorian Era, I don't think they were intelligent enough to build such crap-o-las. Someone needs to follow the golden rule, "If you're crappy and you know it THROW YOUR LAPTOP OUT INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN, YOU DON'T DESERVE ONE."