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The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern This book was absolutely astounding. When a family friend of mine first recommended this book to me, I somewhat laughed on the inside. But now I take it all back. This book is ridiculously compelling, I don't think I've ever read an E-book as passionately as I read this one. It reminded me of a lot of things: how we're just pawns on a chessboard in some great being's game, and how those playing the game have minds as cold as ice; without so much as a whiff of care for the pawns. And in the end, the inevitable will come, and it will hit you like a stone to the forehead if you attempt to run away. This book taught me that fate can be changed, but the results may not be to your favour. The Night Circus is a book that you will want to re-read over and over again until you've memorized each and every single one of those 74 chapters, I know that's how I feel. So much happens in this novel, from beginning to end that you won't even realize it's a romance novel. So, the thing is: there's this magical circus that only opens at night, and there are these two magicians--Celia and Marco--who are pitted against each other, unbeknownst to them their little challenge doesn't end until one person dies. And so the both of them keep adding certain tents to the Circus, without realizing that this binds the circus to themselves. In the end, the circus seems to become a character of its own as Marco and Celia actually BECOME the circus itself, by binding their spirits to the circus. And though this book does not appear to be "omnesciently narrated" (If that makes sense), it does however dive into the state at some parts. But all in all, the book is narrated through a third person p.o.v. where you are only given the facts-you-need-to-know most of the time, they tell you nothing more other than what the Character says. And much like "A game of Thrones," this book has a number of narrators:1. Hector Bowen2. Mr. A.H--3. Celia Bowen4. Marco Alisdair5. Isobel Martin6. Winston Murray7. Penelope Murray8. Chandresh Lefevre9. Tsukiko10. Laini Burgess11. Tara Burgess12. Bailey Clarke13. Friedrick Thiessen14. Ethan Barris[15. You]That's a total of 14/15 narrators! (Depending on whether or not you