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Life of Pi

Life of Pi - Yann Martel A very ponderous tome. It made me especially angry when I read part III, and realized I could have just read that one single part and understood the entire story. But no, I wasted three days forcing myself to read this. . . It reminded me of Andrew Davidson's Gargoyle, the fact that it left many questions unanswered. All in all, a good read if you're into survival and cannibalism, and Indian boys who get made fun of, hehe "Pissing Patel." But if you're more of a drama-hunting, random-killing teenage machine then I strongly urge you not to read this book. When I picked this book up, I KNEW it would be boring, but I didn't think it would leave me wondering why I'm still on this planet ;o; update So, I re-read this book and I have to say I liked it much better this time. I never realized how much of a mindfuck this book was, I mean especially towards the end when he recalls his memory... Oh my god... OH MY GOD... God have mercy.