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The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory Anne and Mary Boleyn are most definitely my favourite people to read about in history--other than King Henry VIII himself, of course. And this novel definitely does those two women justice, as well as their family. Don't let uptight history maniacs people tell you any different. The progression of things is just as moderately paced as it should be, the plot unfolds quite nicely─going from Mary's rise to Anne's rise. (Although Anne's fall is quite hilarious her rise to insanity isn't... I lied, it's absolutely hilarious the way this woman goes insane). The rivalry between Mary and Anne is portrayed in a fashion that is most satisfying. I also liked the subplot with George Boleyn. I wish we saw some of the other members of the Court more though, Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon─The Duke of Suffolk, and Cardinal Wolsey. But the writing is beautiful and compelling nonetheless, Philippa Gregory will have you hanging at every sentence. On another note, every time I begin to ship two characters Philippa feels the need to kill off one of them. Mary/Carey, George/Francis and Mary/Stafford for life ♥.