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Eragon (Inheritance Cycle Series #1)

Eragon - Christopher Paolini So in this world known as middle-earth Alagaesia, a young hobbit farmer's boy named Frodo Eragon goes on a magical adventure filled with peril after he stumbles upon a magical ring stone, which turns out to have unspeakable power when a dragon hatches from it. Woo, a mystical adventure. As well horribly written at it is, I find it a bit too repetitive at some points. It's okay, I suppose, if you're a twelve-year old boy looking for some time to mope about how sad and boring your life is "super happy magical fun time" but for a high school student it is a disappointment. I expected more from the "oh-so-great" Christopher Paolini who had just graduated high school when he finished butchering the english language writing Eragon. A fifteen year old got published, who knew? I certainly couldn't tell it was written by a high school student, gee golly! No. I read this book solely for the purpose of giving it a review, and here it is: Christopher Paolini, you are hereby banished from the realm of Fantasy for the rest of eternity and I sentence you to a lifetime of making greeting cards!