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The Silver Linings Playbook

The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick ** RAW ** I definitely liked this book much more than I ever thought I would. Pat Peoples' view on life is definitely interesting and kinda like mine: always look for the silver lining, because there will always be one. Pat was kept at a mental institution for four years after he bludgeoned a man whom he caught fucking his wife in the shower one day, but he thinks it's only been a few months and is shocked to see that so much has happened in 'just a few months.' But that's not where it ends, no. Nikki, Pat's wife has gotten a divorce with Pat, remarried and gotten a restraining order against Pat for what he did but Pat thinks its 'apart time' and when apart time ends he and Nikki will reconcile--And that's Pat's silver lining, that he and Nikki will one day be a member of the 2.5 WPF club. But what Pat doesn't know is that his silver lining comes in the form of a young widow named Tiffany, who is severely depressed. After Tiffany's husband died she went and slept with a whole load of people whom she worked with, which resulted in her losing her job. Tiffany takes a liking to Pat from the very start however Pat still believes that if he forms any non-platonic relationship with Tiffany it would be adultery, therefore he pushes away any of Tiffany's advances. However Tiffany makes a deal with Pat that he would be her partner at the Dance Competition and Tiffany would make a special thing happen. What I didn't like about this book was the ending. It was too fast, and left at a point where nothing even made sense anymore! I also didn't like how Tiffany was portrayed towards the end. It made her seem so demonic, and made Pat seem like a little victim in her game. But I liked the writing style. The use of no-contractions whatsoever really added to the feel, it really let us take a deeper look into Pat's psyche. Much like The Perks of Being a Wallflower this book explores mental issues such as depression and bipolarity and a lot of traumatic events and triggers. In both books, the narrators are unreliable and they start out as very immature (as seen through the writing style) however they mature as the novel progresses and their narration gets better as well.All in all, a great and quick read! But sadly... The movie was better.