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A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) (Movie Tie-In Edition)

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin “Martin’s seamless weaving of the histories derived from Ancient Rome and the War of the Roses comes together in this epic tome which you will never forget. Bastards, Goblins, Snarks and Ghouls, all come together for the fight for the Iron Throne in George R.R. Martin’s epic, a Song of Ice and Fire.”George R.R. Martin is not your typical fantasy writer; he escapes the one flaw that you would have almost every other fantasy writer to have—predictability. Writers such as Paolini foreshadow far too much, and thus they make their stories gravely predictable, but George R.R. Martin is a completely different case; in fact some might say he needs to be more predictable (which I admit, would be nice). George R.R. Martin does what authors have never done before—succeed in making each chapter far more gripping than the last. The real world is full of strangeness: unbelievable events, coincidences, and odd characters. When authors remove these elements in an attempt to make their world seem realistic, their fictional world will be even more boring than the real world. It is folly to think removing them will make a book 'gritty' or 'realistic', since small details like this are the heart of verisimilitude. Personally, I find that George Martin makes this world as vivid, and as real as the Earth we walk on each and every day, and he tries his best to make sure that there isn’t any ‘fantasy-magic-sorcery’ aspect that would overthrow the entire realistic feel of Westeros and Essos. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoyed Lord of the Rings, or Eragon, because this book is far greater than the latter, although I did get in trouble for reading this in school which I don’t understand at all seeing as the entire point of individual reading time is to—well—promote individual reading, but then again, if I had a dime for every time I witnessed hypocrisy in school I would be the 1%. There’s more to the story from what it seems on the surface; you see, with a dark army rising in the unknown of the North, kings rising from every single corner of the realm, and brothers-in-arms turning against each other, winter truly is coming.