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A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5)

A Dance With Dragons - George R.R. Martin George R.R. Martin definitely did not spare any brutality or cruelty when he killed off Eddard Stark in the first novel, and definitely felt no regret from killing Robb or Catelyn. But this. This book, just makes the other books seem like a big sack of 100 lbs. sugar. I'm actually surprised at how low the number of deaths in this novel was, I expected half of the remaining characters to be wiped out or indisposed at least. A Dance with Dragons Death Toll 1. Kevan Lannister, the only reason I liked his death is because of the way Varys brought him down.2. Quentyn Martell, I can't say it's a loss because we never really got to know him. He had to be killed off anyway, there was no way GRRM was going to let some Dornish Frog steal the Silver Queen's precious dragons. I would have a hissy fit.3. Grand Maester Pycelle, I was actually really happy when this bastard die. You should never trust the old man, unless he's Gandalf or Dumbledore.4. A bunch of Freys, but who gives three shits about the Freys? 5. And depending on how things go on the wall, you may add a major character to the list. However I refuse to believe that, his death seemed so unwholesome; and you know how filling George likes a main character's death to be.There, that's only like four. I was shocked, and a bit repulsed; considering how I expected George to kill off Reek out of pity. I mean... I would have done that, the poor lad's just so mentally scarred letting him live would be a punishment. And Arya, damn girl; she's sneakier and far more sly than I expected her to be. Cersei had what came to her, and I hope she wears that bald head "with honour" like she wears all of Robert's slaps. Sansa should have been in this novel! (Darn, and just when she started getting interesting and badass-like too!) Daenerys... she's cunning, I'll give her that; but I'm really starting to question her taste in men (C'MON GURL, DAARIO AIN'T EVEN CUTE). Tyrion... I just love Tyrion, he's a bamf. BRAN. HE'S SO ADORABLE, and since we've been following him, Arya, Sansa and Dany since childhood I actually feel like we're watching them grow up and mature (I feel like such a parent when I say that). Jon... He should know that people aren't as accepting as we expect them to be.Anyways, the top characters in this novel is!1. Bran Stark!2. Arya Stark!3. Daenerys Targaryen!4. Tyrion Lannister!5. Jon Snow!and last but not least:6. REEK (Theon Greyjoy)!I think that's all the major characters, but you catch my drift.Here's what I think should happen in the next novel:-Daenerys should join with the Khalasar she finds. She should go home to Mereen, kill Hizdahr zo Loraq, take Tyrion into her counsel and forgive Ser Jorah (Before he's brutally murdered by Daario Naharis). Then, she should finally attack Westeros and on the way meet Arya Stark (who by then will hopefully be faceless) and (kill Daario Naharis) meet with Aegon and label him a Blackfyre Scion (because I kinda don't like him very much). She should have Jon Connington hung for "treason." -Jaime and Brienne should fall in love (and then get brutally murdered)-Cersei shouldn't be spared, she should be murdered by either Tyrion or Arya (not in front of Tommen or Myrcella though, we want to keep them around).-Myrcella should become princess of Dorne, after all the Martell's plans backfire on them.-Reek should be killed out of pity.-Bran should become king of the Children of the Forest, and then he and Jojen should become gay lovers C:-Sansa should become the de facto mistress of the Vale, and then she should declare the Vale to be no longer apart of the Realm, Winterfell should go to Rickon; and the 7 Kingdoms will go back to the way it was.-RICKON NEEDS TO COME BACK WITH OSHA AS A POV CHARACTER.-Jon and Arya's reunion should have it's own chapter.-Jon and Daenerys should get married and have beautiful babies, and her babies should marry Myrcella and her prince's baby, thus bringing Dorne back into the realm.-AND ALL SHOULD BE FUCKING WELL